Follow These Guidelines To Get The Best Out Of Your College Student Storage Unit

The end of the school semester can be one of the most emotionally draining times for college students. You are likely trying to balance studying for your finals and figuring out how to store your belongings before the long holiday. Hauling everything home can be complicated and expensive, especially when your school is in a different state. You should, instead, consider getting a college student storage unit. Here's how:

Choose the Correct Unit Size

College storage units vary in size and rental fees. Most students will likely ask for one that costs the least and cram their belongings into it. If you do this, you risk damaging your valuables or ruining your books. It is advisable to check your belongings and choose the best storage unit for your needs. Paying a little extra for a proper storage facility can help you avoid losing more money as you try to replace damaged items. You will also have a stress-free semester when you find your belongings in the same state you left them in. 

Find a Storage Partner

Think about partnering up with a fellow student to help you rent the storage unit. When you pool your resources, you are likely to get a bigger storage compartment that will comfortably fit all your belongings. In addition, sharing your unit with someone you trust enables you to take turns checking on items and ensuring everything remains safe throughout the holiday. 

Clean Everything Before Storage

You should clean and organize all your personal items before taking them into the storage unit. If you have appliances like a mini-fridge, defrost and clean out contents before taking it into storage. Failure to do so creates a perfect environment for mold to grow and spread on your books, clothes, and other items. This will eventually lead to damage, and the last thing you want is to lose valuable items because of fungi growth. 

Use Varying Box Sizes

Having a variety of box sizes for different items helps keep them intact. For example, smaller boxes are sturdy and will do an excellent job when you need to store heavy items. Larger boxes are ideal when you are dealing with light and bulky items.

If you are in college and are preparing for the long break, these simple tips can help you get an excellent experience storing your items. Consult storage service providers close to you to learn more about college student storage units

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