3 Ways Climate-Controlled Storage Keep Your Belongings Safer Than An Outdoor Self-Storage Unit

Once you decide you need to rent a self-storage unit, you must decide if you want to rent a unit with climate control. A storage unit is handy when you have too many belongings in your house and you want to declutter and make more room. However, you may wonder how well your things will fare in a hot or humid storage unit. When you use climate-controlled storage, you can rest easy that your belongings are as safe as possible. Here's why.

1. Your Belongings Are Protected From Intense Heat

An individual self-storage unit that's in the sun all day can get quite hot inside during the summer. Outdoor storage units don't have any air circulation since the unit has to seal as tight as possible to keep your belongings safe and to keep pests out. If the unit heats up, your belongings do too. This can be hard on electronic equipment and things like candles that might melt when they get too hot.

A climate-controlled storage unit controls the temperature inside so it can't get hot enough to ruin any of your belongings. The unit may not stay at the same temperature all the time, but the temperature stays within a high and low range that is safe for most furniture, fabrics, and belongings.

2. Humidity Won't Cause Rust

Climate-controlled storage also controls humidity. By keeping humidity within a desirable range, you won't have to worry about rust eating away at your metal belongings and appliances if you keep your things in storage for the long term. In certain cases, mildew might grow when the humidity is high, especially if some of your things were slightly damp when put in the storage unit.

A climate-controlled unit protects your things from excess moisture and the problems that come with it such as rust, insect invasions, and mildew. Climate-controlled units are usually inside a single large building. This allows you to drop things off and pick them up while being protected from dampness and rain since you can park in a parking garage and avoid the outdoors when you visit your storage unit.

3. Your Unit Will Have Ventilation

Interior climate-controlled storage units have ventilation that helps control odors and keeps fresh air circulating through your belongings. Ventilation helps reduce the accumulation of odors from mildew, dirty belongings, or scented items you have in storage. The constant circulation of air through the facility might also keep the air cleaner in your unit, which might be an important benefit for some of your more fragile belongings.

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