Storage Units For Students Attending Classes Away From Home

Sometimes, when students are away from their home, they may not have room for everything in the dorm room or apartment they live in. It can help to find a storage unit near the school that you can use to store a few things and still have access to them from time to time. 

Storage Unit Locations

The first thing you may want to check is if there is a student storage unit on campus or in the dorm building that you are staying in. In some dorms, the basement is set up to allow students to store some items in a locked cage or area that they have a padlock on, and that no one else can access. These storage areas are very small, but they are designed to hold things that are too large or take up too much space in your room. 

Because of how these lockers or storage units are constructed, they are not a good place to store extremely valuable items or items that need to be protected from heat, cold, water, and dust. Check with the school to find out if there are student storage units available and if there is a cost for them first. Because they are often in the dorm, they allow you to access them easily without having to leave campus to get to your stored items.

Private Self Storage Units

Most self-storage companies offer many different size storage units, and while they may not call them student self-storage, small five by seven-foot units make the perfect size unit for college students living in the dorms. Most of these units are centrally located, and many of them offer twenty-four-hour access to the unit with an entry code that tracks people going in and out of the building. 

Like any self-storage unit you rent, these student self-storage units need to have a lock on them and can hold a large number of items. If you have things that are valuable, but you don't have a spot in your room for it, sometimes putting it in storage where no one can see it is the best way to ensure that it will not get broken or stolen from your room when you are in classes. 

Having off-campus storage does mean that you will have to plan a time to access the unit, and while that might be a little inconvenient, it is better to have a spot that you can store your personal items and know that they are going to be safe while you are not using them.

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