4 Uses for Common Plastic Storage Tanks

Plastic storage tanks are heavy-duty, durable, and capable of holding almost anything you want to store inside. In fact, there are very few things you would not or could not store inside these tanks. The following uses for storage tanks will get you started on thinking about what you might use a plastic tank for. 

Clean Catch Water

There are places in this country and around the world where clean water is difficult to come by. If you live in a desert or in an area where the local water supply is either lacking or toxic, you might want to put some of these plastic tanks outside to catch clean water via rainstorms. For people living in a desert, this usually works during the desert's rainy season. It is akin to catching water in a rain barrel, except that these tanks will keep the water cleaner and you will not have to purify the water quite as much. 

Grain for Animals

Storing grain is tricky. It has to stay dry, but you also have to keep it away from rodents and other pests that could eat the grain or infest it with unhealthy contaminants. When you store the grain in a thick plastic storage tank, nothing can get to the grain. Even rats have a really hard time gnawing through the thick plastic of these storage tanks. To make them even more effective against pests and rodents, store the tanks above ground on pedestals that pests cannot easily climb. 


To store a lot of gasoline, you have to make sure you buy the gasoline-certified plastic storage tanks. Then, you can purchase as much gasoline as you want to store on your property in the event of a gas shortage, or for convenience if you live on a farm and need the gas for tractors and other equipment. A pump and hose accessory can be purchased separately so that you can easily extract the gas from the storage tank. 

Fertilizer/Liquid Manure

Remove the negative impact of runoff manure by storing manure and fertilizer inside storage tanks. The tanks can hold several gallons of liquid manure or liquid fertilizer, thus removing it from the usual manure pits frequently found on most large farms. When it is stored in tanks, it cannot sink into the ground and ruin the water in the ground tables below, nor can it run-off into natural water sources and tributaries. 

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