Store And Advertise The Items That You Are Selling

Old furniture, books, sports memorabilia and additional items that you have acquired through garage and estate sales can be turned into profit. If you are interested in immersing yourself in the purchase and resale business, then you need to have plenty of space for storage and advertising. A self storage unit can be a great asset to you if you don't have enough room in your home or on your property to store your wares.

Choose A Storage Unit

If you are aware of several storage facilities in the area, stop by each of them to learn the layout of each establishment and the services that are provided if you retain a unit. The location and size of the unit are the two most important points to consider when selecting a storage space. Do you plan on storing heavy, bulky items or stopping by the storage facility several times a week? If so, a unit that you can drive up to will be the most convenient.

If you plan on accumulating a lot of items before you place them for sale and you aren't too concerned about the location of the unit, you can start out with a smaller unit or one that is located on an elevated floor. An upstairs unit may be cheaper than one that is vehicle-accessible and a storage facility may provide an elevator for client use.

Purchase Shelving Units And Totes And Set Up Your Items

Don't fill your storage unit before deciding how to organize the items that you own. Shelving units and totes will assist with categorizing items and if you use the shelves for books, antiques, and other small things, you won't have a hard time when it comes to filling an order, since everything will be within view.

Photographs and descriptions of what is for sale can be useful if you plan on advertising online. Create a makeshift photo studio by hanging a bright colored piece of cloth along one of the storage unit's walls and setting a table in front of the cloth. When you are ready to advertise several of the items, use a lamp to light up the area that will be used for picture taking.

If your storage unit does not contain an electrical hookup, then a camera with a flash will be necessary. Set one item on top of the table and take a closeup picture of the item. Repeat this process with the remaining items that are being advertised.

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