3 Accommodating Tips For Those Using A Self-Storage Unit For The First Time

Self-storage units are great because you can pick up or drop items off any time you want. Most importantly, they enable you to have more space in your home. If you've never used one of these units before, these tips will come in handy. 

Create an Item Layout Chart 

If you have a lot of items to store in this unit, the last thing you want to do is stuff the unit full haphazardly. Doing this will make your items extremely hard to find later on, and you'll probably have to search for hours and waste a lot of energy. 

A better solution is creating an item layout chart, where you map off exactly where items are going in the unit. Then, if you ever need to find a particular item, simply consult with the layout chart. You'll know within minutes which area you need to start your search.

Cover Un-Boxed Possessions in Moving Blankets 

When your possessions stay in a storage unit for an extended period of time, they can collect dust and get dirty. You can prevent this from happening, though, by covering them in moving blankets. After they're wrapped around possessions that aren't in boxes or totes, dirt and other particles will be a non-factor. 

Moving blankets also protect your possessions from scratches and chips because of their thickness and zig-zag stitching. It essentially creates a protective buffer that you'll certainly need when placing possessions on top of each other. Additionally, moving blankets come in many different sizes. You therefore shouldn't have trouble covering them over your possessions, small or large.

Transport Large Possessions with Dollies 

Moving smaller possessions into your self-storage unit can often be done by hand. It's when you start getting into the larger possessions like furniture when you should seriously consider using a dolly. This moving apparatus is designed to support all of the weight. You'll simply have to navigate it around your storage unit until you find an appropriate place.

You can stack multiple boxes on these dollies to save you from taking multiple trips. Some dollies even convert into 4-wheeled carts, enabling you to move large possessions with irregular shapes. Thanks to these incredible devices, you won't risk injuring your neck or back. 

If you plan on using a self-storage unit with a company like Eastside Self Storage and RV Park in the foreseeable future, make sure you plan where items go and utilize the right equipment. You then won't run into as many complications and can maximize your unit to the fullest.

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