Four Tips For Setting Up A Gym In Your Self-Storage Unit

For some people, going to a public gym can be a bit of a hassle. You may not feel comfortable working out in front of other people, or you might simply want to be able to work out on your own schedule. One way to create your own gym, even if you don't have space in your home, is to set one up in a self-storage unit. Here are a few tips you can use to create your own personal gym.

Get Permission First

Some self-storage facilities have rules regarding the use of their storage spaces. This might include prohibiting the use of the units for anything other than storage. Getting permission before you sign a lease and start purchasing gym equipment can save you some money and headaches. When you get permission, be sure you understand any rule regarding how the unit can be used and when it can be occupied.

Choose Climate Control

You probably don't want to freeze in the winter or turn your gym into a sauna in the summer. A climate-controlled storage unit is the ideal option for your gym, as it provides comfortable temperatures year-round. Remember that you can always run a fan or space heater for further temperature control, but these items might not make a unit without heating and cooling bearable for your workout sessions.

Ensure Electrical Access

If you'll be using exercise bikes, ellipticals, or other workout equipment that needs to be plugged in, you'll want to make sure there are plenty of grounded, three-prong outlets in your storage unit. You'll also want to make sure there is adequate lighting. If your unit has only a bare bulb in the ceiling, account for any extra lighting you'll need to plug in when determining how many outlets you need.

Add Some Storage

Add a storage locker or shelving unit to stash smaller pieces of workout gear, such as hand weights, towels, and yoga mats. Keeping the space neat and tidy will help you feel ready to get started every time you enter your new personal gym. Of course, there may be other finishing touches you want to add to your self-storage gym, such as a digital scale, wireless speaker system, or wall mirror. Think of all the things you need before you start setting up your gym, so you can put everything together the way you want it in a single day.

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