Storage Unit Rental Tips

When you are needing to use a storage facility, there are a number of factors and considerations that must be evaluated in order to ensure you choose the best storage provider for your needs. To help you with renting one of these facilities, there are some simple but effective tips that you will want to keep in mind.

Know What Equipment Is Provided By The Rental Facility

In order to move your possessions into the storage unit, you may need to use a variety of pieces of equipment and supplies. This can include hand trucks, boxes, and moving trucks. Luckily, full-service rental space providers often offer their clients access to these resources at a discounted price.

By being aware of the full range of equipment that you can expect to use when moving into the storage unit, you will be better able to create a realistic budget for using these rental units. This will also help with the planning process as you will be able to ensure that you have everything you will need on the move-in day for your storage unit.  

Ensure The Facility Provides Pest Mitigation Services

Over the course of being stored, your items may be at a higher risk of being targeted by various pests. This is due to the fact that small animals and insects may attempt to use the storage unit for shelter. Preventing these creatures from damaging your possessions will require for the unit to be periodically treated with pesticides and pest repellents. Ideally, these treatments should be administered each month for the most effective results. Due to the importance of preventing these animals and insects from targeting your possessions, you should confirm what the current pest control plan is for the facility with the manager.

Consider A Facility That Has A Permanent On-Site Manager

Storage facilities are typically very safe. However, it is a reality that emergency problems can occur with any building. For example, it could be possible for a fire to ignite or criminals to target the units. By choosing a rental provider with an on-site manager at all times, you can be sure that someone is monitoring the property so that these situations can be addressed as soon as possible.

In addition to handling these potentially damaging situations, these individuals may also be able to help customers that experience significant problems with their units during the overnight hours. While providers with conditions on-site managers may have higher rental fees, the added protection for your stored items can make these higher rental fees worth it.

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