4 Things Your Order Fulfillment Center (AKA Self Storage Unit) Should Have

In today's economy, many people are trying to cut costs to save money. One way to do this is by buying used items instead of new. Enter: the entrepreneur. Business savvy people are using this knowledge as an opportunity to make money. They buy items at low cost from auctions and yard sales to resell online. If this sounds like you and you need more space, consider getting a self storage unit to use as your order fulfillment center. Here's what the self storage unit should have. 

Climate Control

The storage unit should be climate-controlled. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will be able to adjust the temperature and humidity level. Climate-controlled storage units are a feature that will help prevent damage to items such as antiques and electronics, which can be susceptible to extreme temperatures and high humidity. Also, a unit with climate control will make it more comfortable for you to do tasks such as stocking shelves, filling orders, taking pictures, and printing labels. 

Overhead Lighting

You'll need optimal lighting in the storage unit, especially if you plan on working at any time instead of just during the daylight hours. Most storage units have overhead lighting. However, the bulbs may not be bright enough for you to carry out your tasks. Ask the managers of the local storage units if you will be allowed to change the bulb to a brighter one. Also, ask whether or not there is lighting outside, which would be necessary for unloading items after sunset. 

Electrical Outlets

Look for a storage unit that has electrical outlets, which you will want in order to have additional lighting and/or to print off shipping labels. With the increase in usage of storage units as bases for businesses, you may find this feature more readily available. If you cannot find a storage unit with electrical outlets, you may need to resort to doing the computer work and label printing at your home office, which may get a bit tiresome if you have a lot of orders coming in. 

24-Hour Security

Since the storage unit will hold items you plan on making money off of, it's a good idea to have security 24/7. This could include anything from access control panels to surveillance cameras to onsite security guards. At the very least, be sure the company has a way of recording activity after hours in case your storage unit gets broken into. 

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