How Renting Out A Commercial Storage Unit Can Save Your Business Money

If you run a small business, then you know all-too-well how quickly expenses can add up. As such, you may be looking for ways to save your business money and help your bottom line. One potential way to save your business a significant amount of money is to rent out a commercial storage unit. In fact, there are numerous ways in which a commercial storage unit could save your business big time.

Less Cost Per Square Foot

If you currently rent out office or other commercial space of any kind, then you've probably noticed how pricey business square footage can be. By renting out a commercial storage unit, you may be able to downsize your office space into a smaller (and less expensive) location by moving some of your inventory or other items you don't need at your place of business 100% of the time into a storage unit,

Reduced Security Costs

Most storage unit providers these days offer 24-hour security services, which means you can enjoy quality surveillance and security wrapped into your low monthly rental rate. By storing inventory and other business items in your commercial storage unit rather than at your place of business, you can enjoy greater security and potentially negate the need for on-site security after-hours at your business.

Save on Shipment Delivery

On days when you have shipments that need to be delivered to your business, consider having them delivered directly to your storage unit. Most commercial storage facilities will receive deliveries for you at no additional charge, which means you can save on having to staff your place of business with an employee to receive those deliveries on your behalf. Many commercial units even have wide doors and loading docks to make deliveries simple and convenient.

Cheap Inventory Storage

Finally, when it comes to storing extra inventory, a commercial storage unit is a great option! This is especially true if you can find a commercial storage facility that allows you 24/7 access, as this will ensure that you'll always be able to get to your storage unit. This is a great idea for those who run small businesses out of their own home and don't want the excess clutter.

Running a business of any size can be expensive and stressful. These are just a few of the ways in which renting out a commercial storage unit could save your business money and make your life easier.

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