On A Tight Budget But Need A Storage Unit? 3 Extra Costs To Analyze

Renting a storage unit will require you to spend money on a monthly basis, but there are other expenses that you need to take into consideration. It is certainly possible to keep your costs down by picking a small storage unit and not getting one that is climate-controlled, but these are just two possible solutions. You need to look at other details to make it possible to get a storage unit on the tightest of budgets.

Moving Truck Rental

One thing that you may need to get to use a storage unit is a moving truck. If you do not have a vehicle that can deliver the items that you intend on putting into your storage unit, then you must consider this expense as part of your budget. It is a smart idea to analyze the costs of renting a moving truck and hiring a professional to take the oversized items to the unit to see which one will save you money. A single trip may be better when hiring someone because it may not be worth going through the process of booking a rental, renting it, paying for insurance, using the truck, and then filling it with gas before turning it in.

Storage Insurance

Another detail that you should consider is storage insurance. In some cases, your renter's insurance or home insurance policy will cover anything that is in a storage unit. This would keep you from having to spend extra money, but you need to look up your policy's details for confirmation. If not, you may be able to add this coverage to your policy for a lower rate than getting it from the facility or another company.

Gasoline Usage

It might seem worthwhile to pick a storage facility far away as long as you are able to save money on the monthly rate. But, you need to think about how often you intend on using the storage unit. If you know that you will be going there several times a month, then gasoline costs are going to add up. At this point, it is best to prioritize a facility that is only a short drive away to minimize gasoline consumption. You also need to factor in the fact that driving a moving truck or a car with hundreds of dollars in cargo will naturally reduce the fuel economy, so you will be going through more gallons of gas than normal.

Looking closely at these costs will help you find a way to fit a storage unit into your small budget. For more information, contact companies like Discount Storage.

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