What to Do When You Want to Store a Mattress for Future Use

There are a number of reasons you may find yourself needing to put mattresses in storage. If you have high-quality mattresses that were not bought at a bargain price, you likely do not want to give them away. Unfortunately, lifestyle changes, such as moving into a smaller space or repurposing a room in your home, can make it necessary to store or donate mattresses. The following tips can be used to ensure that mattresses you decide to store are protected and ready to use whenever you need them again.


The first thing you need to do before you store a mattress is clean it. Storing a soiled mattress can result in fungus and bacteria growth. A dirty mattress is also a target for pests such as cockroaches. You should not soak your mattresses with cleaning solutions because the drying process can be tricky, and you might end up storing it with moisture still present, which can contribute to mold growth. Use an upholstery cleaner and vacuum to clean the mattress, but do not saturate it with the cleaner. You can use a brush to clean areas that are heavily soiled. Another cleaning option for your mattress is a steam vacuum procedure. You need to ensure that you let mattresses that have been steam cleaned dry thoroughly. If you are storing new mattresses, you likely will not need to clean them, but you should keep the following steps in mind because they apply to clean and new mattresses that are going to be stored. 

Cover and Store 

Mattresses that are going into storage need to be covered to prevent dust contamination. This will also keep pests away from your mattresses. You can store the mattresses in mattress storage bags. If you intend to store them in plastic, it is important to note that cleaned mattresses must be completely dry to thwart mold growth. Mattresses are best stored in climate controlled storage units to reduce the chances of moisture issues, pest problems, and dust accumulation. When possible, store your mattresses flat. This storage position can protect them against the effects of gravity. Storing mattresses upright in a vertical position might negatively impact the inner springs and coils. 

Revive and Use

If you clean and store mattresses properly, they will be ready for immediate use in most cases. You might notice a peculiar odor on mattresses that have been stored for lengthy amounts of time. You can eliminate these odors by sprinkling baking soda on your mattresses. Baking soda is a natural odor absorber. You will need to vacuum the baking soda from your mattresses before using them. You might also benefit from using a fabric freshener product if you prefer a fragrant smell. 

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